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tv   [untitled]    June 15, 2012 9:30am-10:00am PDT

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both meetings begin at 6:00 and are advertised to end at 7:00. we will see to it it might take longer than one or two hours to wrap up those meetings to it is and the budget office hours are on june 18. we need whoever is interested in that to contact us at to make an appointment. commissioner murase: and that website is also the e-mail address where suggestions for additional cuts or revenue- generating ideas should be sent, is that correct? >> that is correct. commissioner murase: within the city, the mayor issued a challenge where people were encouraged to think about, what are things that can be cut?
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where is their waist? where are their revenue- generating opportunities? i would encourage parents, faculty, administrators to take a hard look. even if it is a small amount, for example, in buildings and grounds, we are looking at the cost of bottled water to the district. i had the privilege of visiting hetch hetchy last weekend and the water is just pristina. here in san francisco, we enjoy one of the highest quality of water that any urban city can boast of. we do not need to have all the water at our facilities except for a few exceptions that we are aware of. because of fighting issues. we are talking about cutting the contract to bring in a bottle of water. i want to encourage the public
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to help us identify as many cost savings issues as possible. finally, you talk about the school closure days. i am afraid that is not strong enough. school closure days suggests that bad weather, schools closed. i would recommend what commissioner wynns has always called them, forced school closure days. i am looking at page 11 of the hard copy of the budget. in the budget book, it does not include the word "forced." just to communicate that they are in voluntary, no learning days, just to make it clear. >> i have a question about the situation at the state level, specifically about the triggers.
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maybe we are getting ahead of ourselves. the lao release an alternative for what the governor considered traitors. it is a little less draconian. it is still draconian, but a little less. i am wondering if you have any sense of that. >> i do not think that it is for it if i understand things correctly, the way that advice would be incorporated, if at all, would be now. in the budget that is enacted by the legislature and subsequently signed or not by the governor, because the governor was specific in his budget proposal about what would be the consequence of funding various areas if the tax initiative did
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not pass. that would also be incorporated into the budget that the legislature enacts. our understanding is that the legislature is unlikely, at this point in the budget, if they should have something by friday, to have a different set of assumptions on that issue. if that is what comes to pass, then basically, the trigger cuts that are incorporated in the governor's budget would also be in the and actors budget. >> you do not get another bite of that at all? >> i do not believe so. i do not know if you have information to the contrary. i am not sure what their process is for reopening or passing subsequent legislation to come up with a different approach. to basically amend the budget act. we can do some research on that. commissioner wynns: part of me
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just wants to go like this. i am wondering to the extent that we can plan or advocate for a little bit, a better outcome if that comes to pass. >> we will do that. one thing that you reminded me of is that the -- that i forgot to say it but i should have said, the legislature, as we understand it, it appears they are likely to incorporate into the budget that they approve this proposal to allow school districts further flexibility to cut another 15 days from the school year between next year and the following year. basically, incorporating that part of the governor's proposal into the budget proposal. i am not saying that is a good thing, but i say it to
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reinforce that that is becoming accepted in terms of the conversation that is happening in sacramento. commissioner wynns: thank you for the presentation. reading as much as i was able to read before and trying to parcel it out myself, including some of the questions that have been asked tonight. i did want to say something about the budget. i want to thank commissioner norton for joining me last friday. our legislature -- our legislators, one of whom is in a crucial position in the development of the budget, are very sympathetic. it is enormously disappointing
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that the legislature has left the governor's -- we need a new word that is worse than draconian. slashing of school funding after it is already decimated. they have left those proposed cuts in place, as we understand the budget discussion as taking place. they have been very concerned. we all should be for it about the cuts to other programs, child care, in-home medical care, all of the things that are e central to the people who use those services. frankly, no more essential than agitation services are to our students for it i would make the case more important to our fear -- to the future of our state. we're destroying not only the futures of our students, but also the state and its economy. i could not be more
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disappointed. as usual, the sympathy expressed, as i referenced superintendent garcia earlier, by our supporters, appears to be empty. we can all be disappointed and deflated, but time to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and start all over again. we have to continue to tell our representatives that this is unacceptable. in answer to what commissioner norton said, the only way to change this letter would be for the legislature to have the courage to come up with a different proposal than the one that is in the budget. the reason it is in the budget is so they do not have to summon up the courage and vote to make
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the cuts later. they can pass this budget, present -- pretending it will not happen. if they do, it all falls on the school. this is as devastating and particularly disappointing as the lack of leadership as it could be, this budget proposal. i know there is a lot of activity in sacramento around the budget this week. we saw it in the offices last friday. however, all of that activity appears to have not improved the chances of better budgets for the schoolchildren of san francisco than we proposed in january. my great for the legislature is an f for doing nothing in the last six months. that is my opinion. we are going to have some really tough votes to make and decisions to make in the next
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couple of weeks. what else is new? i am ready to do whatever i can. if anyone thinks of anything we have not done, please let us know. we're looking for new ideas. thank you. president yee: i want to thank you for the presentation. hopefully, the public will come to our meeting next week to hear a more detailed discussion of what we are facing and what we're going to try to do. basically, the state budget that they proposed to give to our public schools is embarrassing. outright embarrassing. there is really no priority in this state for our students and education. however, for next week, i would like that have staff prepare for
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a couple of things that i want to be asking. and i want some detailed answers to this. before i can accept a budget. it was mentioned earlier by the public that there is concern about what is going on with some of our students for 2014. one of the major concerns i have is whether or not the students will be able to graduate if they do not have any opportunities for credit recovery. our budget should reflect that we will have adequate resources to get this recovery. the other thing i would like to know something about is -- we can talk about the title one as
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a fixed budget item that we receive on an annual basis, but i would also like to know how much, on average, we actually do not spend to bring into the following year. when we create budgets and handle budgets, it is nice to have some additional resources from the year before so that we can possibly spend it. we are at the point where we cannot think about that anymore. we have to look at what we do not spend on an annual basis and build it into the budget that we have. in particular, knowing that we probably do not have enough funding to deal with the credit
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recovery peace, summer school, and so forth for it that is what i would like to see as a subset of the discussion. >> we are trying to make sure we understood that was a reference to title 1. president yee: i was talking about title 1. we can move this item. what do we have to do now? let's see. we are going to move it to have a discussion next week on this. the next item would be item 126- 12sp2, revision to the board policy 5111.4, nondiscrimination
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policy to conform with provisions of ab9, chapter 723, an act to amend sections 234, 234.1, 234.2, and 234.3 of and to add section 234.5 to the education code relating to people rights. is there a motion and a second? this resolution was ari heard at committee, therefore it will be held for action at the last -- at the next regularly scheduled meeting. item r, none tonight. item s, board members reports.
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a report from the city and school districts elect committee. the would-be commissioners your -- commissioner fewer, commissioner maufas, and commissioner mendoza. commissioner maufas: this is a report from the meeting we had from some members of the board of supervisors. we heard the budget, as we heard here tonight. we also heard about transitional kindergarten and the moving target that that is currently. i am going to leave it at that. transitional kindergarten is still a moving target. i am certain more changes are inevitable in the process. we did open up, as has been noticed, some other locations.
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they can see that on our web site. under "tk." the first presentation was by the city by the bay clinics, offering free health care for under-insured or note-insurance young adults over 18. we would like to make certain that our schools out in the excels your district and the bayview, particularly visitation valley, they know that this is available to them for our young adults 18 years or older and also the family members. golden gate commissioner janet riley is the president of their board and we heard from their executive director. i want to thank them for coming and presenting. all the commissioners have
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packets. please feel free to share that with your community members and social networks. president yee: thank you. the next report is from the augmented curriculum and program committee for june 4, 2012. reporting tonight will be vice president norton. vice president norton: at that meeting, we heard a report from the current advisory council on their community conversations regarding restorative practices. it was very informative. i encourage everybody to read it. i think everyone was given a copy. there really have done a great job meeting with falls all over the city, community members, parents, school staff, and talking to them about restorative practices, what they need to know, what it means to them, where the gaps in their understanding are. what kind of of resources do thy
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need to fully implement this policy. and the impression i came away with, there is a lot of interest -- they started to embrace this. there is still a need for more information and training. really absorption of what does this mean. it is a paradigm shift that has not happened yet. we will continue to work on this issue and we expressed interest in having further conversations about this and to have them come back to report to us as a board. commissioner fewer told me to tell all of you she has not yet scheduled a meeting for the curriculum committee. that is to be determined. president yee: a report from the
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ad hoc committee on personnel matters. reporting would be commissioner norton. vice president norton: we met, we forwarded the request for the consideration amendment of 118, permitting students to obtain physical education credit. that was forwarded to the full board with a positive recommendation by the committee. that will come back to us it will come back on the meeting of the 26 and also the budget committee. we also, at my request, and for the teach america contract, we got more background on the teach for america experience with the
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teach for america, it was an interesting discussion. i think there are some places in the district where the tsa core members have been helpful to west and others less so. it is controversial, what does it mean, a controversial program as we all know. but it was helpful to have mr. bushman give us a sense of where they are. they are helpful in small numbers and high need areas. that was an interesting presentation. we have copies of the presentation. you will have that in your boxes. that completes my report. president yee: boards delegate to resort -- report. all other reports by board members. any tonight?
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commissioner morosity -- murase. commissioner murase: it is called lemonade alley dog,. the deadline has been extended for kids to participate in that program. i want to congratulate the five keys community. they are having an art show, and open gallery, on june 14 at the main library beginning at 5:30. they are having their spring graduation on friday at 10:00 a.m. for in custody students and 1:30 p.m. with community partners at the hall of justice. that concludes my report. >> thank you. commissioner mendoza. commissioner mendoza: i wanted to congratulate our principal of
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the year award recipient. we have the pleasure of honoring them at the annual administrators breakfast. it was allen for our pre-k program. andy from a high school. congratulation for receiving the mayor's principal of the year award. [applause] i want to congratulate their annual scholarships ceremony. they had 40 students receive scholarships and awards at their annual event. i wanted to congratulate superintendent garcia for a festive event on june 5. the neighbor farewell, and he is
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on his farewell tour. and i want to thank the public who came out to honor the superintendent. president yee: anybody else? ok. >> we have not planned a committee meeting for this month. is very different meeting on that evening? buildings and grounds. the 20 it will not be a rules committee but it will be buildings and grounds. thank you. president yee: let's move on to item t. reporting on closed session items. for may 31, 2012, even though we have read this out, we want to give you this opportunity to give it to the public. 126-4a1, approved the stipulated
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expulsion agreement with one middle school student, resolved by a vote of 6 ayes, a contract for one principal and supervisor. 126-463 resolved by a vote of 6 ayes approved the two-year contract for one chief associate superintendent. for closed session action of june 4, 2012, resolved by a vote of 05 ayes approved the contracts for one assistant principal and two principals.
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for june 12, 2012, the board by a vote of 6 ayes approved the contract for one assistant superintendent, one assistant principal. by a vote of 5 ayes, one nay, fewer, approved contract administrators. >> a have an adjournment in memory of a person who died. president yee: not yet. i will call on you for that. the other informational items posted on the staff reports on informational notice of classified personal transactions. and a quarterly report on williams uniform complaints in january through march 2012. item v, i would like to call
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upon our vice-president norton. vice president norton: i wanted to address this meeting in the memory of david mandel was a special education professional. he died very suddenly and he was a very young man. i learned about his passing from a parent of a child who he worked with the very closely. she posted some pictures of david with her son. she called him a miracle worker and said he was incredibly dedicated to working with autistic children. they are devastated by his loss and their family and i wanted to extend my sympathies to their families. on behalf of the entire board. president yee: meeting is adjourned.
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>> there are kids and families ever were. it is really an extraordinary playground. it has got a little something for everyone. it is aesthetically billion. it is completely accessible. you can see how excited people are for this playground. it is very special. >> on opening day in the brand-
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new helen diller playground at north park, children can be seen swinging, gliding, swinging, exploring, digging, hanging, jumping, and even making drumming sounds. this major renovation was possible with the generous donation of more than $1.5 million from the mercer fund in honor of san francisco bay area philanthropist helen diller. together with the clean and safe neighborhood parks fund and the city's general fund. >> 4. 3. 2. 1. [applause] >> the playground is broken into three general areas. one for the preschool set, another for older children, and a sand area designed for kids of all ages. unlike the old playground, the new one is accessible to people with disabilities. this brand-new playground has several unique and exciting features. two slides, including one 45-
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foot super slide with an elevation change of nearly 30 feet. climbing ropes and walls, including one made of granite. 88 suspension bridge. recycling, traditional swing, plus a therapeutics win for children with disabilities, and even a sand garden with chines and drums. >> it is a visionary $3.5 million world class playground in the heart of san francisco. this is just really a big, community win and a celebration for us all. >> to learn more about the helen diller playground in dolores park, go to